If you were a Little Miss character, who would you be?

Who remembers the Mr Men and Little Miss characters from a few years back by Roger Hargreaves?  Did you have a favourite then? Little Miss Sunshine was one I remember fondly.

If you were to be a Little Miss character today with all your business knowledge, parenting skills perhaps, life experience and qualifications, which one would you be?

Mine doesn’t exist as one, albeit I am probably an amalgum of a few of them, so I would want to create a new one called Little Miss Organised! My character would be red in colour and with curly hair. She would wear nice shoes or boots, she would carry a red phone and a notebook of lists and she would wear a chunky gold necklace or statement piece.

I would love to know your thoughts …


Little Miss Organised!

(image from http://www.theworks.co.uk from a Google search)

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This is the way I work

As you will be aware, I work on behalf of clients across numerous industries with varying needs. I do not claim to be an expert in their industries but I certainly try my best to gain that level of knowledge and understanding!

Often the key to good marketing is to get a new perspective from somebody not tied up in the day-to-day running of the business. It is my aim to get a genuine understanding of your business, starting with the basics including what you do, where you operate and your goals. This then enables me to create a detailed marketing plan and in the future continue to operate as a seamless addition to your business.

One glove certainly does not fit all so if I am going to deliver a marketing service that works for each business’ individual needs then I need to do plenty of research and ask many, many questions. I make no apology for asking all those many questions as something you take for granted and may therefore not mention could have greater significance than you think.

The learning curve is very steep when working with a new client, with a need to gather as much information as possible as quickly as possible. This is done with online research, scoping out what the competition does and looking at outside influences. But most important is the initial meeting with a client as I need to get a genuine feel for their business and what they want to achieve. The personalities behind the company name are responsible for the culture and method of operation so getting to know them is crucial.

The agreement of a marketing plan is only the beginning as the client relationship then really takes shape alongside the delivery of that plan. I stay in contact with my clients via telephone calls, emails and face-to-face meetings as this ensures that plans stay on track and meet expectations. You can contact me at anytime to discuss the marketing for your business, but despite this, I am fastidious in ensuring that I dedicate the time necessary to each and every client… time management is one of my strengths!

I like to think that I integrate myself within the businesses of my clients, and some of them don’t mind me quoting them on their experiences:

“We were looking for someone to work with who could quickly understand our business and culture and enhance our marketing strategy without the need for constant supervision. Nicole has developed our ideas and added her own with the benefit of being able to view our business from the outside rather than the inside. The result of having a thought through marketing strategy has been reflected in successfully attracting new business.”

 Jez Hodges, Sygnus

‘Nicole has helped SWINDON lay the foundations of our marketing strategy and controls. I would highly recommend Nicole to any company that is looking to outsource their marketing strategy role.’

Richard Mount, SWINDON Silicon Systems Ltd

Once I have dropped the children off at school then my focus is on my clients. There is never a quiet moment, and I am always learning more but that is just the way I like it!

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Don’t forget to market internally!

So what do I mean by this?

As companies, we have many target audience groups. This could be customers of varying ages or backgrounds or gender, but we also have to market to our staff and team. If the staff and team are on board, then they will help spread the message and reach out to potential customers. They will be motivated to share the company social media posts, they will be proud to talk to friends and family about where they work and what they do.

Staff are an asset and they are also very important in the marketing process, but they are a group often forgotten.

So how can you market internally?

  • internal newsletters
  • email updates
  • team meetings and briefings
  • creating teams to brainstorm ideas and get all departments involved
  • via management meetings
  • via team building activities and away days
  • posters and notices around the office

If you need help marketing and motivating your staff then ask Pinpoint!

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How can a consultant like me help a business like yours?

As well as giving you a real marketing plan, plugging gaps in your resources and knowledge and tracking your campaigns, the main thing a consultant like me can do is to help you stay focused!

  • I can hold you accountable
  • I can keep you on track
  • keep you to deadlines
  • get you organised and
  • stop you wandering off course so you can focus on you and your business

Through a simple report, a consultant can collate your activity, measure your success, point out anything to change and generally check in with you to see how you are doing.

I love organising and genuinely helping clients to get the best results that they can.

Let a consultant like me avoid you making a spectacle of yourself (pardon the pun) and empower you to see clearly and focus on what’s right.


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Know your USP!

Do you know your USP?

What makes you stand out from the crowd? Your USP is what will make a customer buy from you.

  • Definition – USP stands for unique selling point/unique selling proposition
  • USP is what gives you a competitive advantage Eg the distinct benefit
  • It’s what makes your business stand out from the crowd and tells your customers what is special about you
  • A clear USP saves customers and potential customers when choosing between you and other potential supplier

How can you find your USP?

  • Know your features and benefits firstly
  • What are you good at? Don’t be shy to sing your own praises
  • What good things do customers say about you/your product or service
  • What words do you use when selling
  • Facts and figures for your market
  • Define who doesn’t want your product as this will also help identify the people who do
  • Know why a customer will take action and appeal to them
  • Look at what competitors are doing? What do they do well or not well?
    • The aim is to look for a gap in the market and to differentiate yourself
  • Be mindful of how you come across/the perception your USP give
  • Then create your positioning statement


Co name + your business description + point of distinction (usp) + market description = positioning statement

Now you know your USP, how do you use your USP?

  • Test it first
  • In your marketing messaging – your posts, website, strapline, branding, articles, monthly minutes and more
  • On your marketing material
  • When talking and networking
  • Remember, you can have different usp’s for different products/services
  • As with all marketing, review your USP regularly


I have delivered a talk on this recently to two of my Athena networking groups. If you could like a copy of the handout to help work out your USP, then please ask me.


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What can a project manager bring to your business?

Outsourcing to a Marketing Consultant, is it right for your business?

YES! Outsourcing core processes such as marketing, PR, legal and accounts are a good idea. Firstly, it allows you to focus on what you do best within your business, whether it be selling, managing or market development.

Outsourcing is flexible in terms of project type, length and cost. It is less of a commitment that recruiting an employee and is often less expensive in the long run as you don’t have to pay NI, holiday pay etc. Quite often with a consultant as a PM, you will get a higher level of experience and knowledge than you would by employing a junior for the same costs. With experience often comes quicker ways of doing things so more is done in a shorter time.

In this current climate, stability of sales and growth is not going to be easy to achieve. Using a consultant means you can increase or decrease your marketing efforts as and when the need arises and as the cash flow allows such costs.

Using a consultant as a PM/project manager can work on a daily or weekly or monthly basis. They can come into your workplace and help with specific projects and tasks as well as helping you manage day to day activity. PM’s should be flexible in terms of offering consultancy advice or ideas or holding your hand to get the work done or they can often do it all for you to let you get on with what you do best. Pinpoint offers its services in all three of these ways.

One client I take a PM role with had this to say: “As a busy, successful and growing Sales and Marketing department, we make use of external resources (social media, media bookings, PR and digital services) to aid efficiency and to achieve the businesses goals as one collaborative and supportive team. The benefits as I see it of building such a team and by working so closely together via monthly reporting is to improve communication, update all parties on progress and changes, making the team accountable and to make the most of a variety of skill sets to achieve one goal. I would recommend this way of working and I highly recommend the services of Pinpoint Marketing” Sales and Marketing Director – UK based global company

Are you looking for a #projectmanager

Pinpoint can work with you on your next project, campaign, event and more! Ask for details http://pinpointmarketingconsultancy.co.uk/faq.html

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Top tips to make the most of PR

Here are some PR tips for you.

1. Journalists like to be given content (press release or editorial or an article) as it helps them out. They don’t want to receive anything, so research what features they are covering in upcoming issues. If you are going to submit a release, make sure it is newsworthy eg charitable angle, growth, award wins and so on.

2. When sending a press release, follow a template eg headline, sub headline, date, main copy and how to get in touch for more info. Include an image or photo, but not your company logo.

3. Remember PR is one of the marketing tools. It is a free tool and isnt the same as advertising. As it isnt paid for then there is no guarantee it will be published. PR is great thought for raising your profile.

4. Find out your industry’s magazines and follow these online and offline. connect with the editors on social media too.

5. Lastly, if you are on Twitter, search under the #journorequest Journalists use this when they need articles or interviews on certain subjects. Great way to respond and help them out.If you can’t help, share it as that stands you in good stead with them for future requests.

Any help needed, ask me.

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