How to Understand the Masculine and Feminine of our Psyche for Business


Everyone, irrespective of gender, has a male and female aspect.

In order for us to navigate the work place with confidence, we need to develop both these sides of our psyche.

We live in a world of duality: hot/cold, up/down, in/out, male/female.

Men have a female side to their psychology = anima.

Women have a male side to their psychology = animus.


It is the marriage of both male and female which enables us to become balanced as human beings and to operate successfully in the world and in business.

Five steps to developing our Masculine Principle/Animus for business

Both anima and animus have a light and a shadow side. The light is the qualities we admit to and try to develop; the shadow is the qualities we ignore or refuse to accept. Our task is to bring both the light and shadow qualities into consciousness and then integrate them.

Step One

Become aware of the light qualities of the feminine psyche:














Step Two

Become aware of the shadow qualities of the feminine psyche:





Disowning power – e.g. waiting to be rescued




Fear of Intimacy

Step Three

Become aware of the light qualities of the masculine side of the psyche – animus:



Analytical thought





Desire for achievement

Develop these qualities. However, be aware that at first, the animus can seem either bossy and opinionated, with an answer for everything, or too timid to raise his head.

Step Four

Become aware of shadow qualities of the masculine psyche – animus:




Mechanistic behaviour


Step Five

Finally, we need to integrate all of these elements by stepping back and observing our behaviour. If we find ourselves acting in shadow, breathe and add the light quality of the animus or anima.

E.g. We want to be rescued by a knight in shining armour (shadow anima) – we find something we are scared of and do it anyway (light animus), thus bringing out our courage.

We find ourselves being moody (shadow anima), we focus on an aspect of our business, make a decision and carry it forward (light animus).

Or if we find ourselves becoming argumentative (shadow animus), we do something creative (light anima).

Or we find ourselves being too ruthless (shadow animus), we concentrate of our caring qualities.


Irrespective of our gender, each of us must recognise and develop the light qualities of both and learn to recognise and use the shadow.

Each of us will need to focus on different aspects.

Some of us will tend toward courage and risk taking but need to be particularly aware of becoming pushy or argumentative.

Others of us may be more timid and passive and need to concentrate on developing the ability to take risks or make decisions.

In business, it is extraordinarily useful if we can see the light and shadow working in other people. When either we or someone else is in shadow, never trust a decision made at that time.

Marcus Aurelius said: “You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realise this and you will find strength.”

For more information, contact Author and “magic lady” Laurelle Rond



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