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In my role as a marketing consultant, I always try and put myself in my customer’s shoes so I can help them as much as I can.  I try and walk the walk and talk the talk.  On carrying out some recent market research, the results brought up some feedback regarding the difficulty in sometimes understanding and following knitting patterns.  As the marketing support for Mary Clements, owner of Clicketty Clack the wool shop in Princes Risborough, I thought I would see what all the fuss is about!  I think of myself as a fairly bright lady so here is how I got on …

The first pattern was a double knit (King Cole #9043) pattern to create some very cute, colourful tortoises. On first glance it seemed very long and a bit daunting.  That is probably because I am not a knitter or experienced. Then when I looked again there were abbreviations on what everything means.  The pattern was split into sections and then detailed line by line with clear instructions. Then the pattern said how to connect all the pieces to make the finished product.  The last section of the pattern helpfully listed out what yarn and accessories you would need as well as a mini tape measure marked out. A nice touch.

The second pattern was a chunky (King Cole #4511) pattern to create either a raglan sleeve tunic style dress for girls or a sweater for boys.  The patterns front cover referred to this as “easy knit”.  First impressions told me that this is a more complicated pattern for more instructions and separate steps to follow.  The lengthier and additional range of steps made sense because an item of clothing as sleeves, collars, pockets, cuffs and so on.   The useful abbreviations were there as well as the measurement guide, tape measure yarns required and accessories needed.

Most patterns sold by Clicketty Clack are around £3 so given the amount of content and guidance then this to me is very good value. This article is by no means to negate the skill and patience of knitters and crocheters out there.  I imagine it must be a great sense of achievement once you have successfully created your own knitted garment.

For more information about Clicketty Clack, log onto  You can also follow Mary on Twitter and Facebook and get the latest advice, offers and patterns.
If this has inspired you to knit more or if you would like to learn from the start or hone a certain technique, then lessons are available with Clicketty Clack.  Call Mary for information – 01844 273739

Nicole Martin – supporter, fan, friend and marketer for Mary Clements/Clicketty Clack



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Nicole is a mum to two, wife to one and friend to many. I am also the owner of a successful marketing consultancy business, established in 2008 to work with, help and support local businesses. Pinpoint can act as a consultant or we can hold your hand to manage your marketing or we can do it all for you! Your marketing, your budget, your way. Marketing, organisation, helping and caring are my strong points and passions!
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