Would you build a house without laying some foundations first?

Marketing your business, can be just liking building a house as you cannot expect your marketing or house to last long into the future if you don’t have solid foundations.

So, what do I mean by this?  Essentially I am saying that it is vital to work on your 4 P’s before putting any marketing campaign into action.  The 4 P’s stand for





In other words, what price are you going to charge your customers for your product or service, what will you be selling exactly, where will you be selling to and how will your product reach the end buyer and how will you promote your product to bring in sales?

Once you have these answers, you will know who you are selling to and why they should buy, which will be the foundations of any future marketing campaigns.  Targeted campaigns based on existing knowledge are much more successful as they are personalised to the customer and therefore are more appealing and likely to be responded to.

Again, just like building a house, don’t try and do it yourself or cut corners by using a “cowboy”, but bring in the professionals.  Your initial costs may be higher at the start, but you will reap the financial rewards in the end by doing things properly.

Good luck ….


About nicolepinpointmarketing

Nicole is a mum to two, wife to one and friend to many. I am also the owner of a successful marketing consultancy business, established in 2008 to work with, help and support local businesses. Pinpoint can act as a consultant or we can hold your hand to manage your marketing or we can do it all for you! Your marketing, your budget, your way. Marketing, organisation, helping and caring are my strong points and passions!
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