Blogging – that’s what it’s all about!

According to a poll on Wikepedia taken in March of this year, “LinkedIn reports that is has more than 100 million registered users, spanning more than 200 countries.”  Twitter’s number of users also goes into the millions as does Facebook.  Another website I searched on reckoned there was nearly 100 million UK based blogs being written for and published to on a regular basis.

So it is safe to say that online marketing is big business!  Why?  These online based marketing tools are an ideal way communicate on a two way basis with your customers.  Marketing works best when you communicate with your customers what you are selling and then they in turn communicate with you about what they need and want.  It is simply about good old fashioned supply and demand. 

Do you have a business blog?  and Do you regularly update it and post on it?YES?  How often do you post to it?  Do you enjoy writing it?  Has it brought you in new business and new leads?
NO?  Why not?  Do you think it won’t work for you or that it isn’t appropriate for your business or  customers?  Social networking (blogging and updating) is quick, fast and cheap to use.  People are more willing to trust what they read these days in blogs over mainstream media. 

Having an online presence is a business must these days.  People want information quickly and they want detail.  People are also online all the time now, whether it is at home or at work, so there is always an audience out there waiting to hear from companies like you.

My advice is ignore the power of social networking and blogging at your peril.  It is cheap to set up, easy to use and a great way to raise awareness for your brand, your business, your products and you!

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Are you looking for help with your blog or plans for blogging?
Ask Pinpoint Marketing for a quote and some ideas.  Why us?

  • We practice what we preach
  • We are experienced in blogging
  • We are experienced in writing copy
  • We enjoy writing and writing for others
  • We are used to being a small businesses extra pair of hands
  • We are experience in Marketing
  • We have had results from our online marketing and hope to do this for you too

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About nicolepinpointmarketing

Nicole is a mum to two, wife to one and friend to many. I am also the owner of a successful marketing consultancy business, established in 2008 to work with, help and support local businesses. Pinpoint can act as a consultant or we can hold your hand to manage your marketing or we can do it all for you! Your marketing, your budget, your way. Marketing, organisation, helping and caring are my strong points and passions!
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