End of year marketing checklist. How to end the year on a high!

So there’s only a few days left of the year! How was 2017 for you and your business? What were the highs? The lows? And how are your plans going for 2018?

Here are some top tips on how to end your business year on a high!:


  • run a few reports (own systems, marketing files and ask your accountant) based on where your profit has come from, where leads have come from, cost of sales etc. Then you will know where to focus your time and budget on for the following months …
  • run some analytics on your website (Google analytics) and your social media profiles. Are your followers increasing, what keywords are they using to find you?
  • Do you post and tweet etc haphazardly or could you get more organised to save time and to enable more consistently? Use a tool like Hootsuite to schedule and create a content plan for 2018
  • review your messaging. Do customer s engage? Do you need a strap line?
  • carry out some research amongst your clients and prospects. Ask them what they want, what do they need …
  • review and check off activity from your business or marketing plan (assuming your have one!)! Have you done all you set out to achieve
  • look at your expenses. What are you spending lots of money on? Does his effort result in more sales?
  • who has helped you this year? Do you need help again in 2018, whether outsourced or employed. Negotiate costs and contracts
  • what events and networking did you do? How did the events go? What else can you eg more speaking, more handouts or props?

Good luck with your review! Here’s to 2018 ….


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18 reasons why your business needs a marketing strategy for 2018 …

No one likes taking risks unnecessarily or spending money if they don’t need to.  Here I explain the benefits of a marketing plan and why every business must have one going into 2018.  This blog article will be an example of how an implemented marketing plan using a variety of marketing techniques can AND does work.

If you haven’t set any objectives for your company and your marketing activities, how can you decide at the end of the year if you have achieved what you set out to do?  Many companies don’t start marketing or don’t review their current marketing progress as things are good and they are happy with good.

Here are 18 reasons your business MUST have a plan:

  1. Avoid guesswork and make informed decisions
  2. Minimise taking risks with your business
  3. Know you are talking to your customers in the right way with the right content e.g. personalise!
  4. Spend your budget wisely by using facts
  5. Identify new opportunities within your market
  6. Ensure you use the right blend of the marketing mix
  7. Know your customers/target audience
  8. Identify any potential threats within your market
  9. Uncover problems before they manifest themselves
  10. Maintain and grow your reputation to customers, potential customers, suppliers and partners
  11. Manage the resource you have internally and externally to maximum capacity
  12. Establish your position in the market
  13. Differentiate from the crowd and know your USP (unique selling point)
  14. Be proactive not just reactive
  15. Get your brand out there and become recognisable as a thought leader in your industry
  16. Break a huge task into manageable and bite sized chunks
  17. Pinpoint had a response to a tweet I wrote to Claude Littner of the Apprentice. I asked him about the biggest benefit of having a marketing plan. He said and I quote “it is an integral part of a business plan”.  We couldn’t agree more.
  18. Plan ahead for 2018 and beyond

What is a marketing plan?

There are 7 stages to a comprehensive marketing plan including

  1. Objective Setting
  2. Defining the messaging
  3. Defining a strategy
  4. Defining the target audience
  5. Developing the tactics
  6. Implementing the plan
  7. Measuring and evaluation

Having a plan will make you more focused and more successful and it will make the most of your budget.

Good luck for a successful 2018 and beyond …



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What is the etiquette of social media?

The definition of etiquette is “the customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group.”

Many individuals and businesses are today using social media.  However, is everyone using it properly?  Are we all following the same rules and guidelines?  Many are not so hence me writing this blog.

So what do I mean by etiquette? I mean liking and sharing, why do it, what to post, when not to post, using hashtags and so on.

Social Media etiquette

  • Like and share posts – be genuine though.
  • Liking and sharing is like a thumbs up/a nod to your peers, customers etc
  • When not to post – if its inappropriate or conflict of interest or if you are out/under the influence or if it could come across as unprofessional
  • Remember to use hashtags or #. Common ones are #marketingmonday, #mondaymotivation, #fanpagefriday, #throwbackthursday


Used to identify messages on a specific topic

  • Use them correctly or you will not get the benefit!
  • Do not include spaces
  • Keep them relevant – have a quick search online to find popular hashtags for your market
  • They can be used anywhere in a post as they can form part of the sentence
  • By clicking on a hashtag you will see other tweets with that hashtag too

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A little poem for you all about … Marketing!?!! #wednesdaywords

Does your business need a Marketing Plan?

Of which Pinpoint is a massive fan!

A plan is a must for 2018

If you want to make sure you and your business are seen!

If you sales are too low and you want business to grow

Then your do you have a plan answer simply cannot be no!

Facebook, SEO, a newsletter or branding

Pinpoint can work with you to make it all outstanding

Knowing your audience, messaging and setting a business goal

Will make 2018 a year good for the soul

Bringing in the money, will make you feel all sunny

But when it does rain, Pinpoint can take away any pain

I must say creating your bespoke plan will take me a while

And although I’ll do it with a smile, then is only so much time on my dial

So don’t delay, book your marketing plan in with me today!


A marketing plan will save time and precious money whilst bringing in more sales and getting you the work you want!

We have limited capacity remaining for November, December and January, so book yours now! Prices are going up after December as the plans are now longer and more detailed, so even more reason to book in yours now.

Ask me for a new client booking form today and get the ball rolling.

Make 2018 your year!

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What can we do to help in our local community?

This is a slightly different blog to my usual business/marketing ones, but hopefully one you will read anyway.

Today I had a visit to Butterfly House, the recently opened building of the South Bucks Hospice.  The SBH is connected to a charity I came across called the Hospice Lottery which I was told about with great passion via my Athena Network connections and ladies called Belinda Ellis and Annie Smith.  I was shown around by the passionate, enthusiastic and knowledgeable Becca Braithwaite (whilst my mum was volunteering on the reception!).

So why am I writing this blog? Cancer and life limiting illnesses sadly impact too many of us and what the team at Butterfly House are trying to do through their team of volunteers is to care, help, support and look after patients and their families. Through their light and airy and lovely decorated building with relaxing gardens and treatment rooms, they offer many many treatments and therapies and they also have big plans to get expanding and keep providing and getting involved with the local community.

Hospices have connotations of being depressing and whereas I am not doing down the feelings or severity of the situation for the patients, the Butterfly House honestly had a feel of a hotel. Welcoming and homely, yet well equipped and well maintained to the highest of standards, I would recommend you pop in if you can. See for yourself and get involved.

So how can you help?  Are you a business who could donate?  As part of your CSR policy, could you be involved with the charity for mutual gain?
Or are you someone who cover offer their talents and skills through phone answering, driving patients, collecting funds, hosting events, offering complimentary therapies like reiki or aromatherapy or CBT, manicures, colour analysis, make up, hair styling or something else?  The options are endless. Here is how you can find out more!

Thanks for listening and support if you can!

I hope to help with marketing advice going forward and I have just supported the Christmas Superdraw

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What’s new in online marketing?

Who uses social media? As a professional marketeer I know how hard it is to keep up with the latest changes to the way we can market our businesses online, so here is a summary of what to look out for, what to do and some top tips:

  • Did you know Linkedin auto creates company pages for your business from time to time. Search up and see if you have a profile and then take over ownership. Linkedin Co pages are good for SEO and searches.
  • Articles in addition to posts on Linkedin are a good way to promote yourself and your wares. Note though that these don’t get notified to followers anymore.
  • Have you come across Twitter lists? Lists can be a good way to help you organise your followers to allow you to search quickly for updates and news.
  • Looking for what to post on, on Twitter? Use the trends bar on the left side for ideas.
  • Facebook – now videos auto play and with auto sound! Beware if watching videos in the busy office!
  • On Facebook did you know you can follow a page without liking it?
  • Instagram is now a force to be reckoned with. When using this tool, hashtags are vital
  • It is recommended you make your Instagram account a business/open account. This allows more followers to find you and it will give you insights too.
  • Looking to jazz up your photos? Try the Boomerang app.
  • Hootsuite – the free accounts are being limited to the number of posts you can make per month now. In trial now. A “professional” account is recommended.

So now you have a whistle stop tour of the latest changes in social media.

Top tip – there are often no straight forward answers to social media and the complex algorithms behind them, so take it for what it is sometimes.

Happy posting …

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If you were a Little Miss character, who would you be?

Who remembers the Mr Men and Little Miss characters from a few years back by Roger Hargreaves?  Did you have a favourite then? Little Miss Sunshine was one I remember fondly.

If you were to be a Little Miss character today with all your business knowledge, parenting skills perhaps, life experience and qualifications, which one would you be?

Mine doesn’t exist as one, albeit I am probably an amalgum of a few of them, so I would want to create a new one called Little Miss Organised! My character would be red in colour and with curly hair. She would wear nice shoes or boots, she would carry a red phone and a notebook of lists and she would wear a chunky gold necklace or statement piece.

I would love to know your thoughts …


Little Miss Organised!

(image from http://www.theworks.co.uk from a Google search)

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